Boat Exam Florida

Boat Exam Florida

Residents of Florida must take the boater education course by law. If a Florida resident was born on or after January 1st 1988 then they are required to have a Florida boater education I.D card to operate any motor watercraft of 10 horse power or more. You are able to take the official online exam at

Choosing to take this online examination has many benefits. First off being that you can study with animations and visual questions that will help you retain information along the way. We also only charge you for a payment when you pass the final exam. This gives an extra incentive for the materials to be up to standard so that you can learn and pass. At the end of the exam you can chose to print your certificate allowing you to immediately start boating. The I.D card that you will receive will be issued by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission once you have successfully completed the course. You will then be required to have the I.D card on board at all times while operating on state waters. has helped thousands of people get certified online.

Our site is prepared to answer all your questions and coach you until you reach a passing grade. The boater exam in Florida is trusted by agencies across the United States of America to uphold and deliver the best quality of boating education to the public. Our courses are also consistently regulated and are used as a reference from most boating organizations, rest assured that you will be fully equipped before you take your water vehicle out for a ride.

We're here to make your Boat Exam Florida experience simple and easy, so try us out today, and only pay when you pass the final examination! If you have any questions or require assistance, don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected]!

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