Boat Registration Florida

Boat Registration Florida

          Now it is time to talk about boat registration in Florida. You may be wondering at this point about where to register your boat and how. Well the answer to those questions will vary state by state. The general rule of thumb is that most dealers will usually handle the process of registering a new boat. If you have purchased a boat from a previous owner however it may be your responsibility to register the boat.

Not every state department of motor vehicles handles boats as well, depending on the state it may be up to the states park, tax commission, natural resources, fisheries and wildlife department that will oversee the boat registration process.

For all of you who are in the state of Florida and are looking to get a boat registered, you can call the number 850-488-1195 to talk with an agent to receive more information. This is the number to Florida’s own department of motor vehicles. If you also head on over to this website here if you wish to read up on further rules and regulations. The website will also include an online printable form which is made available for new title registrations, and if you prefer you can register by mail or in person at the county tax.

Keep in mind of these Florida boat registration requirements; you have 30 days from the time of your vehicle purchase to register your vessel, you need to have a completed registration application, manufacturers statement of origin, receipt showing you paid the sales tax, and a fee payment. Once your boat is registered you must keep your registration certificate on board whenever you’re operating your boat. During 30 day period you must have your purchase receipt with you when you are operating the boat.

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